List This Property (LTP) is an unbiased service and any agents that have registered an interest in selling properties in a certain area, will be notified when a property is added on LTP. Agents will have 72 hours to share their proposal with the seller.

When sellers register, we ask whether they have already spoken to any agents about selling their property. This allows us to exclude those agents to avoid fees being charged. To review the specific details relating to when our fee applies, refer to our agent terms and conditions.

The following information is shared with you as a registered agent:

  • The property address
  • Property type and other details of the property
  • Their timeframe to sell their property
  • Their estimated value of their property
  • 10 photos of their property

If you are successful in being selected by the sellers, you will then receive the following information:

  • The sellers name and contact details (including phone number)

The information in your proposal will be visible only to the property owners you share it with on LTP.

When a seller selects you as their agent, their contact information will be shared with you. You will be notified via an email that you have a new opportunity on LTP and the seller’s details will be available in your Agent Portal on LTP.

Principal details are for our reference only, and are not presented as part of your proposal. We include your principal in emails with seller’s details so they are aware that it is a LTP referral.

To preserve the quality of the service, we require all leads to be followed up. In the event of exceptional circumstances which prevent you from following up on a lead, please contact LTP so we can connect the sellers with another agent.