We help sellers find, compare and select the best real estate agent to sell their property.

LTP is an Australian owned and operated company, founded in 2021 in Far North Queensland. Our goal is to make selling your property simple and pain-free. We honour ourselves on providing you with unbiased and up-to-date information to make successful connections between owners and agents.

List This Property provides a free service to property owners. We only receive a fee from the agents when one of our customers connects with them through our service, and sells their property. The fee we receive from agents is a pay-on-success model, this means the agent only pays us if they are successful in listing and selling the property. The fee is 0.3% of the sale price of the property (capped at $3,500). In order to maintain the impartiality of our service, we charge the same percentage fee to all agents.

Sellers generally hear about List This Property through various advertising channels, including digital, television, radio and more.